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How to Maintain

How to Wash the Hair

It is not necessary to wash for first wearing,After you wear it for a period of time, if feel dirty, you can wash it. But Don't wash it frequently.

(1).Put some lukewarm water in a basin.Then add moderate amounts of shampoo in the water, stir by hand to dissolve thoroughly.Soak the wig for 3-5 minutes,then comb little by little in the water with a wide-toothed comb. DON’T SCRUB HAIR.DON’T PULL HAIR HARD. Then gently squeeze out excess water.Rinse well in lukewarm water then pour out the water.

(2).Pour moderate amounts of conditioner in your hands,massage it into the wig.Then lay it aside quietly for 3-5 minutes.Rinse well in lukewarm water, gently squeeze out excess water.

(3).Place the wig in a towel to sop up.Then place the wig on the wig stand to air dry. Then put some hair essential oil or spray some wig spray on hair which will make the hair smooth and supple,shine.At ordinary times,you can use hair essential oil or wig spray often to keep the hair soft and shine.


How to Style the Wig?

1. Always use a wide tooth or pick comb for curly styles and a wire brush for straight styles. Avoid standard brushes.

2. When brushing, start at the ends and gently work your way to the roots.

3. To completely restyle your human hair wig, we suggest taking it to your stylist. If you decide to restyle it yourself, please follow these guidelines:

- Place wig on wig stand. Use standard or electric rollers or pin curls.

- Remove tangles with a wire brush or wide toothcomb.

- Pick up hair and wind on roller, smoothing ends as you go.

- Use medium setting with electric rollers or hair dryer. With hair dryer about 12" from wig, circulate heat evenly and continuously.

- Allow hair to cool before removing rollers or pin curls.

- Lightly brush or backcomb desired areas and spray with hair spray.


How to Care the Hair?

 Please don’t color human hair wigs by yourselves. It is a very risky experiment and might have a bad result. However, if you still prefer to dye your own wigs, please keep in mind that you should never try to dye a darker color wig into a lighter color. Strongly recommend to ask the professional hairdresser to trim, shape or thin out the wig.

 NEVER sleep on wet hair; your hair must be completely dry before going to sleep as sleeping on a wet lace wig WILL cause hair to be very matted.

 Don’t soak the hand-tied human hair wigs for a long time since it will damage the knots in the wigs. When you wash the wig, please treat it very carefully just like your own hair.

 Choose a slightly acidic shampoo, use hair conditioner and wash in mild water.

 Make sure the water flows in the same direction during washing and avoid rubbing the wig heavily.

 Do not comb or brush the wet wig. Style the wig when it is dry.

 Gently blot excess water with hand or towel (do not twist or brush); shake vigorously and hang upside down to air dry (usually overnight). Do not blow dry the wig. Do not brush wig when wet. Do not wear wig with wet cap or dry wig on head or Styrofoam, as this will stretch the cap.

 Using a wig brush on a wig is okay but, I suggest using a METAL WIDE TOOTH COMB.

 Refrain from pulling the comb forcefully through the tangles. Pulling will not only pull the hair off of the "tracks" of the wig but the pulling. Spray your wig with a light oil sheen to restore luster that was lost while getting rid of the tangles.

 For straight styles brush in long, even, gentle strokes. Starting at the bottom, gently comb the hair using a downward motion, with a wide-tooth comb or finger style. Gradually move up until you have combed all the hair. Never begin combing at the top or middle. It will damage and tangle the hair.

 It is very normal for the human hair wig to have certain amount of shedding.

 Please store your wig on a wig stand or mannequin head in a cool, dry location avoiding extreme temperatures, mold and dust, which will help maintain the shape, cleanliness and style of your wig.

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