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1.The Differences Between Human Hair&Synthetic Hair

1) Burn for Smell and Ashes

Choose a small strand of hair and burn it. If the hair is 100% human, it smells like a barbecue and the ashes can be twisted into powder; if not, it smells like plastic and the ashes will stay as a caking

2) The Price

That is very obvious: with the same style and length, Human hair wigs are much more expensive than synthetic ones. Therefore, If your human hair wig is relatively cheap, you may need to consider whether it's blended with synthetic fiber or the hair that collected to make this wig is not of a healthy quality.


2.Are The Knots of Thriving Lace Wigs Bleached?

When hair is hand-tied to the base of a lace wig, you can see a knot on the lace. Lace cannot be hidden. Thus we have to bleach the knots to help create the illusion that your hair is growing out of your head.

Thriving lace wigs are made of high quality lace with single knots around the perimeter and double knots elsewhere. All lace wigs knots have been bleached At the front area.

NOTICE: When hair is hand-tied to the lace, there is a dark knot where hair is secured. Bleaching of these knots helps to lighten the appearance. With the use of peroxide (bleach) gives the illusion that hair is growing from your scalp. Even without bleaching, knots made with darker color hair (Black to dark brown) will still be more noticeable than lighter colored hair.

Please don't bleach the knots if you are not familiar with wig production.

Please specify your bleaching demand to us via Live Chat or Email before you place your order with us.


3.Do You Have Baby Hairs On Your Wigs?

Yes. Both our human hair wigs have baby hairs on the front of the wigs. If you have specific requirements, please contact us.


4.Do You Pre-Plucked on Your Wigs?

Yes. Both our human hair wigs are Pre-Plucked on the front. The hairline of our human hair wigs is very natural,you will look very natural with our lace wigs.


5.Can I straighten my curly hair ?

We don’t recommend to straighten curly hair because it may cause hair problems like shedding and tangle.So had better remain the same curly look.


6.Can I dye my curly hair?

If you purchased natural color, you can dye it ,but curly hair is not easy to operate by yourself , so please let a professional stylist help you and don’t do that yourself.


7.What’s Parting?

Free Parting-Means “No Parting”, we didn't draw the dividing line at the top of the hair.You can part it anywhere after you receive it according to your preference.

Right Part-when worn on head, the part is on the right hand side,hair is going over to left

Left Part-when worn on head,the part is on the left hand side, hair is going over to right             

Middle Parting-The dividing line in the middle of the head

Note: Usually, we will send free parting to customers. Please contact service staff if you have a request for parting.

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